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Our Blog Migration

Dear Kanga Organics supporters,

We are pleased to announce that we have started a new
Kanga Organics blog, and we will be migrating our blog posts from here to http://kangaorganics.wordpress.com/ in the future for all new blog postings.  Livejournal had served us well for the past 2 years, but the reason to migrate are justifiable, because we can do so much more and include so much more information for all of you via the Wordpress portal!  We will not close this blog, but keep it alive for those of you who will like to come back from time to time to check out our previous old posts. 

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy your stay on our new blog site, and please give us any feedback to our new blog anytime so we can do better, and to put up posts that you may enjoy more!  Do subscribe to our new blog if you don't wish to miss out on any future promotions and get first hand news on any events from us too! 

Our new blog is just born, so it might take a few days to grow and develop further, therefore, we seek your kind patience and understanding while we groom it to perfection.  Thank you everyone for all your kind support, and please continue to support us in
our new blog

Happy National Day Singapore!

Dear Kanga Organics customers, and avid animal lovers, 

What will you be doing on Sunday, 28 Aug 2011 at 4:30pm?  Not sure yet?  Well, mark this date and time down on your calendar, because you’ll be down at Hong Lim Park to be part of a good cause to help make a loud voice on behalf of 25 imprisoned dolphins to RWS to let them go home!   

ACRES is hosting a concert in the park to raise awareness, to make our voices heard, and most importantly, to show our solidarity with these dolphins.  Several prominent bands and musicians, including Jack and Rai, Sixx, D’Fusion, Zal Empty, Alicia Pan, and Michaela Therease are donating their precious time and talent for the dolphins’ benefit.   

All will gather to form a large leaping dolphin for the cameras, and sing ‘Please let the dolphins go’ together.  This will be our message to RWS, and we need the support of every single one of you.  Please spread the message, gather and bring along your families and friends to join us for this significant event.  Everyone can make a difference, every voice can be heard.  All we need to do is to speak up, and sing out loud for the freedom of these 25 dolphins!  For more information on the event, and to RSVP your attendance, visit http://www.saddestdolphins.com/concert/concert.html  

Remember, Kanga Organics donates $1 to ACRES – Save the world’s saddest dolphins campaign with every online order from our online store.  For easier shopping, you may simply email your name, contact no., shipping address, and quantity of orders to: orders@kangaorganics.com directly.  You may also donate directly to ACRES or shop on ACRES store.   

See you there! 

Sanctum Intensive Care Special August

Do you know how women age?  Suddenly!  You wake up one morning and look into the mirror and suddenly realize that you don’t recognize the person you see anymore, because something seems different somehow… that’s a sudden aging process for women, overnight, bam!  You look older.  Time and tide truly waits for no man… or rather woman in fact.  It is unfair that, as men age, they aged ridiculously charmingly with every passing year, it seems the crow’s feet that crawls out from the corner of their peepers or the laugh lines that are just starting to settle down are just one of their many enchanting traits of a middle age man, that seem to be attracting the younger women.   

On the other hand, women reaching their 40s who only look like they’re just starting their early 30s are rare gems, unless well, you’re one up for Botox or artificial beauty… but if you’re a natural embracing woman, Botox is not gonna cut it, unless you enjoy faking your smiles on a daily basis.  Not for us.  Since there is no way to stop time from aging us women in our 30s, the only best solution is to at least age gracefully, maintaining our dignity.  With the typical hectic Singaporean woman lifestyle, it will be counted a blessing if one could still go for regular facials on a monthly or at least bi-monthly basis, but if you are one that really can’t afford the luxury and time of a facial, then the least you can do for yourself is to have regular maintenance on a daily skincare routine.   

Now, how many of us can afford a basic skincare regime?  Many I supposed, at least I hope everyone has already a basic regime set in!  If you haven’t yet, no matter how old you are, we strongly suggest starting ASAP.  But how about that extra intensive care required by your skin’s collagen to plump up fine lines, or getting rid of just that little uneven dark bit of a freckle, sun spot or age spot that is beginning to show?  Well, these call for extra care and reason to be concerned about.  A simply analogy, if you have dust collecting on a cabinet, and you clean them daily, it’s easy to come off, simply dust off, wipe off, and it’s good as new, but when you have dust collections of years of neglect and tries to clean it off with just plain water or a normal cleaning detergent, you’re just gonna have to spend much more time and energy getting the dirt out, and even so, you probably will catch glints of dust stains that is already inset into the surface of your cabinets.  Now, the cabinet is your face.  The dust is the dark spots and fine lines appearing over the years.  So, what action you take to them now will determine how long and how deep they will stay on your face.  Prevention is better than cure, we’ve all heard that before, and it not only applies to our general physical wellbeing, but many other aspects in life as well.   

Advice is meant to be given, actions are meant to be taken, and it’s really up to you what you wish to see on your face in the next 10 years perhaps?  If you have perfect skin now, and wish to see the same in 10 years time in your mirror reflection, then maybe it’s about time to incorporate just a little more effort, a little more product into your basic skincare regime, so your youth will last for as long as possible, and having done so, you can be proud to say that you did the best you can, when eventually these natural enemies still do overtake your face, but maybe in another 20 years and not 10.  Aging gracefully is not easy, it really does take some efforts and determination, but it can be achieved if you want it bad enough.  Of course, keeping your daily laughs will ensure you’ll never age in your hearts, but beware of those laugh lines too!   

It’s never a better time to take control of your aging process in Aug now that we’re having our Sanctum Intensive Care Special at 15% off our Sanctum Hy C Recovery Serum and Sanctum Firming Eye Balm.  Just adding 2 simple steps into your routine can make much of a difference in your youthfulness in years to come!  Doesn’t mean that Singapore is growing older, means you must too! 

For those who have absolutely no idea when to incorporate these 2 products, the steps are such:

  1. Cleansing (We recommend Skin Blossom Gentle Cleansing Milk or Sanctum Soothing Cream Cleanser)
  2. Toning (If you do use a toner, make sure its alcohol free.  We don’t use toner, but natural spring water sprays)
  3. Sanctum Firming Eye Balm (Just small dabs with the ring finger around your peepers and gently massage in till absorbed)
  4.  Sanctum Hy C Recovery Serum (Just 1 ½ pumps, spread with fingers around the face, and pat in gently till absorbed)
  5. Moisturizing (We recommend Skin Blossom Nourishing Face Moisturizer (mattifying effect) or Sanctum Moisture Replenish (for dryer skins)) 

Don’t forget, for every item purchased online on Kanga Organics, we donate $1 to ACRES - Save the World’s Saddest Dolphins Campaign!  Do your part for the dolphins in captivity today to give them their freedom and lives back into where they truly belong!   

Enjoy youth while you can!  Life takes us on roller coaster rides everyday and it’s simply crazy to let it take youth off your face!   

PS: Sanctum Intensive Care Special August starts 1st Aug – 9th Aug 2011 2359hr only!  Free courier delivery for purchase above SGD$80 after discounts to doorstep.  We deliver to office addresses too!  

We are animal lovers, and that’s why we only sell and use products that do not contain animal ingredients, nor conduct animal testing.  We watched The Cove last night, an Oscar winning documentary directed by Louie Psihoyos, a free screening sponsored by Earth Island Institute at GV Plaza Singapura.  The Cove touched and hurt our hearts to watch the massacre of dolphins happening at Taiji Town, Japan.  We wept for the lives of 23,000 dolphins that were sacrifices of a sadistic ‘Japanese Culture’ in Taiji Town, Japan.  So they claimed.   

Now, it is happening closer to us here in Singapore.  Resorts World, Sentosa has bought 27 bottlenose dolphins to be trained for their new enclosures (Marine Life Park attractions) in Sentosa, Singapore.  Yes, earning money at the expense of the lives and freedom of these poor wild dolphins in captivity.  We should not condone such acts of cruelty, not here in Singapore.   

ACRES(Animal Concerns Research and Education Society) set up in 2001 to promote animal welfare in Singapore has started a campaign to raise public awareness and to urge RWS to abandon their plans to exhibit these dolphins.  The reasons are plenty, but the very basis is simple: if you love these dolphins, give them back their freedom and their lives.  Let them go back into the wild where they truly belong.  For more information about ACRES - Save the World’s Saddest Dolphins Campaign, visit: http://www.saddestdolphins.com/  

Kanga Organics is proud to collaborate with ACRES – Save the World’s Saddest Dolphins Campaign, and from now onwards, for every online sale purchased on our online store, SGD$1 for every item sold will be donated to ACRES – Save the World’s Saddest Dolphins Campaign.  This donation drive will continue to last until every single captured dolphin is released back into the wild by RWS.   

We strongly beseech your kindness and passion for animals to play a part in this campaign.  You do not necessarily have to buy a product from Kanga Organics to donate; you may also donate directly to ACRES or by buying their merchandise from ACRES Store.  No donation is deem too small, no part is deem useless, as long as you play a part in helping these imprisoned dolphins to find their way home.  Just do something, anything at all, before more dolphins are sacrificed.  Oh, and did we mentioned 2 out of 27 dolphins have already died?   

Let’s all keep our hearts; minds and actions open to help do anything we can, to release the dolphins back to their home where they truly belong.  Love them, release them!   

PS: We salute the filmmakers behind The Cove for everything you have risked and done!  Film-making should be about the power to change the world, make a statement and a difference for a good cause, and not just pure entertainment!  Thank you for making the film!

July Giveaways Promotion!

Well, well, as you may know, we had clearance sale in June for some of our Hawaiian Body Products that will be discontinued for retail sale from 25 Jun 2011 onwards in last month’s blog, because we will not be renewing their product license, however, some of these products are still beyond expiry, so what should we do with them, since we can’t sell them officially anymore?  Free giveaways to our loyal customers!   

Yes, you heard right.  So, it’s simple, all you have to do, is to visit our website, look at the products that says ‘Discontinued’ that may tickle your fancy.  Drop an email to orders@kangaorganics.com as fast as you can with your full name, shipping address, contact number, what you want from our ‘Discontinued’ range, tell us why you want the product, and we will give you the product for FREE!  Yes, it means you DO NOT pay a single cent to get what you want!   

Of course, as always, there will be some terms and conditions attached, here they are: 

  1. You can choose to self-collect the item at NEX mall (Serangoon Central), or from our office address: 35, Kelantan Lane, #02-02.  (Note: Appointment MUST BE made in advance for self- collection)
  2. Or pay for the $3 shipping fee to be posted to your home address via Singpost Normal Postage.
  3. Or pay $6 for courier delivery right up to your doorstep. (Available everyday from 8am-10pm)
  4. All giveaways are based on first come first serve basis, and products availability.
  5. Each customer is only entitled to ONE (1) FREE product.  So, please DO NOT send multiple emails requesting for different items, as we recognize by the customer’s email, name and shipping address, and not the product item requested for, BUT you can always share the good news with your friends and ask them to email on your behalf! 
  6. If the items you requested for are already out of stock, we will reply you so, and unfortunately, will not be able to allow you a 2nd offer to take your pick of free giveaways, as we have to allow other customers the opportunities as well.   

So hurry, act fast, choose wisely, and send in your request for freebies today!  

PS: Note that the following items are already sold out:

  • Ocean Essence Face Wash
  • Hawaiian Enzyme Face Mask
  • Flower Enriched Face Mask
  • Jasmine Neroli Body Wash
* Giveaways Promotion starts 1st to 31st July, or while stocks lasts. 

New stockist for your convenience!

We’re ecstatic to announce that our popular UK Soil Association certified organic and vegan skincare range – Skin Blossom Organic Bloom series has been taken up by another new stockist – Simply Living! 

Simply Living is an eco ethical store designed for the conscientious consumer.  Their variety of unique fashion and lifestyle products promote naturally healthy, eco-friendly, sustainable living, and wherever possible, support fair trade and social enterprises – from recycled bags and natural yoga mats, to green household products and eco accents for the home.

If you’re one such greenie, or simply wondering what’s the next best thing to get for a friend’s birthday gift, housewarming gift, anniversary gift, or just a little something special for a loved one, head on down to Simply Living to get inspired by their wide range of eco-friendly products available!   

Simply Living is located at: 238 River Valley Road (opp. Mohamed Sultan Road) Singapore 238296
Tel: 6737 9491

Opening hours:
Mon – Sat: 10am – 8pm Sun: Closed

By Bus: 32, 54, 139, 195 (depending on direction of travel, alight opposite Mohamed Sultan Road or outside UE Square)
Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay or Dhoby Ghaut

Chris and Barbara will be happy to see you there!  Happy Going Green! 

Nature Bag June News!

Nature Bag Chosen for LA Zoo Fundraiser!

Our Pahk style organic reusable eco-friendly bag stars this week at the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association's (GLAZA) Beastly Ball, its largest annual fund raising activity.

The Nature Bag Khmu/Lao Poverty Reduction Project has provided 700 of its sustainable homemade organic reusable bags at a discounted price to be used as gifts for GLAZA's most generous supporters at this Saturday’s (June 18) event.

The annual Beastly Ball is one of Los Angeles's most popular and consistently sold out fundraisers. Last year it raised more than $1.2 million. Saturday’s will be the 41st annual Beastly Ball.

“Our stretchable reusable bag is a perfect match for this year’s gala fundraiser because the Los Angeles Zoo recently opened its most elaborate exhibit, a $42 million project centered on the Asian elephant,” said Bill Newbrough, co-founder and principal economic sponsor of the Nature Bag poverty reduction project.

Laos, Nature Bag’s home, has called itself the Land of a Million Elephants. Although fewer than 10,000 remain today, according to Newbrough, the animal is revered by Laotian culture and vigilantly protected by Laotian law and people.

“When GLAZA approached us about participating, it was an easy decision to become involved,” Newbrough said. “Not only is the Los Angeles Zoo a good cause because of the joy it brings to its guests and its international leadership in protecting endangered species, but our marketing efforts will reap benefits by getting the Nature Bag into the hands of leaders in the L.A. community.”

The Nature Bag is made from Jungle Vine™ fabric, also known as tropical kudzu. The Khmu harvest the thin white ribbon inside the stems of the vine and use their hands and legs to spin it into cord that is amazingly strong. Jungle Vine™ fabric also is nutritious and can be eaten by elephants and most other animals.
June Nature Bag Maker of the Month - Nang (Ms) Vinh

  • What is your name? My name is Vinh.
  • How old are you? I am 28 years old.
  • How long have you been making Nature Bags? I have been making bags for about 4-5 years.
  • How did you learn to make the bags? My Mother taught me.
  • How many children do you have? I have 3 children, the oldest is 7 years old.
  • Do you like making Nature Bags? Yes! I am very happy that I am given the opportunity to create the bags and share our tradition with the rest of the world.
Don't forget our GSS sale is still on at www.KangaOrganics.com with products up to 50% off including 10% off for our Pahk style Nature Bag in all sizes!  Do grab them before 24 Jun 2011, or while stocks lasts!  Happy Shopping!

Oh it’s the GSS Sale again!

Wow, all the amazing GSS Sale signs are just everywhere!!  Have you grabbed your first great sale item yet?  If not, fret not! 

Our Hawaiian Body Products clearance sale is still on at 50% off!  For the list of products in participation:

Hawaiian Body Products:

1.       Hawaiian Enzyme Face Wash – Was: $26.90 Now: $13.45 SOLD OUT!

2.       Ocean Essence Face Mask – Was: $32.50 Now: $16.25

3.       Flower Enriched Face Mask – Was: $32.50 Now: $16.25 SOLD OUT!

4.       Kalo Enriched Face Mask – Was: $32.50 Now: $16.25

5.       Jasmine Neroli Body Wash – Was: $36.90 Now: $18.45

6.       Passion Fruit Citrus Body Wash – Was: $36.90 Now: $18.45

7.       Vanilla Ginger Body Wash – Was: $36.90 Now: $18.45

8.       Coconut Lemongrass Body Wash – Was: $36.90 Now: $18.45

9.       Jasmine Neroli Pacific Salt Scrub – Was: $39.90 Now: $19.95

10.   Sandalwood Verbena Pacific Salt Scrub – Was: $39.90 Now: $19.95

11.   Ocean Essence Pacific Salt Scrub – Was: $39.90 Now: $19.95

12.   Passion Fruit Citrus Creme Body Lotion – Was: $39.90 Now: $19.95

13.   Sandalwood Verbena Creme Body Lotion – Was: $39.90 Now: $19.95

14.   Ocean Essence Creme Body Lotion – Was: $39.90 Now: $19.95

15.   Jasmine Neroli Body Lotion Mist – Was: $32.50 Now: $16.25

16.   Vanilla Ginger Body Lotion Mist – Was: $32.50 Now: $16.25

17.   Coconut Lemongrass Body Lotion Mist – Was: $32.50 Now: $16.25 

Don’t forget that the above items are only available till 24 Jun 2011!  Grab while stocks lasts. 

Since it is the GSS, for the month of Jun, let’s go organic even more affordably with extra goodie deals!

20% off Hawaiian Body Products (all other items not listed above)

15% off Skin Blossom Organic Bloom full series

10% off Nature Bag (all sizes)

5% off Sanctum full series

We have also put up special promotions with our stockist Sunflower at City Square Mall, B1-12A too, so if you’re out and about at Farrer Park, do drop by to see what freebies are in store for you!   

Happy Shopping Singapore! 

PS: Above GSS deals are valid thru month of Jun to 30 Jun, except for above listed clearance items till 24 Jun 2011 only.  Free courier delivery to doorstep with above $80 spent (after discounts).

Our May Nature Bag Maker of the Month is Ms. Nang Yeum.  Find out what she does with the money she earned from making Nature Bag below.  Read on to find out some bad news about 'Going Green' with Polypropylene! 

  • What is your name? My name is Yeum
  • How old are you? I am 48 years old
  • How long have you been making Nature Bags? I have been making bags for a very long time.
  • How many children do you have? I have 9 children, the oldest is 30 and the youngest is 16 years old.
  • What do you do with with the money you receive from selling bags? I spend the money on my family expenses and and to buy new clothes on special occasions.

Here's More Bad News About "Going Green" With Polypropylene 

You will need to reuse those cheap but trendy reusable bags dozens of times to make up for their enormous carbon footprint, according to new ingenious analysis by the British Environmental Agency.  More shocking, cotton reusable bags are even more destructive to our planet.

Last month’s Nature Bag Khmu/Lao Poverty Reduction newsletter talked about those bags that retailers are pushing (or giving) to customers to enhance the image that they (both customers and retailers) are thinking and living green by abandoning plastic “disposables.”  We mentioned the large amount of petroleum needed to make the bags, that they were likely manufactured in Chinese sweatshops, their inferior durability and the environmental costs of their disposal.

Now there’s some compelling data based upon the fact that the “disposable” plastic bags actually are reused by perhaps as many as 90 percent of those who receive them. Most people reuse plastic bags to line garbage containers, pick up after dogs, wrap items for storage/transport or for recycling.

Considering only the carbon footprint factor (energy required to produce), the increasingly common cheap reusable bag will need to be reused 11 times to be on equal footing with disposable plastic THAT IS NOT REUSED.  If 40 percent of the plastic bags are reused only once, then you would need to use the cheap “green” bag 14 times.  And if every disposable bag were reused, 26 uses of the cheap bag are needed to be equivalent in reducing carbon in the atmosphere.

The shocking numbers for cotton market bags are: No reuse of plastic, you’d need to reuse cotton 131 times; for 40 percent reuse of plastic, you’d need to reuse the cotton 173 times; and were 100 percent of plastic reused, the equivalent number of cotton is 327 reuses. Note that this data assumes non-organic factory-made cotton bags.

The typical Nature Bag, which involves no manufacturing or agriculture and weighs about 50 grams (less than 2 ounces), could have a NEGATIVE carbon footprint as measured delivered to any address on the planet.  This is because it’s up to 100 percent made from wild-growing Jungle Vine™ fiber (tropical kudzu), which purifies the air as it grows, removing carbon & producing oxygen.

Its durability promises years of break-proof versatile stretchable use.  And should you ever need to dispose of one, not only will it quickly biodegrade; it also will nurture the soil you bury it in.

Article by Bill Newbrough
Sponsor of Nature Bag Poverty Reduction Project

So, people, do think twice before making that cheap purchase of 'reusable bags'!  It may not be that 'green' after all.  If you haven't seen or touched a Nature Bag before, this week (19-22 May 2011) is the chance for you to do so at Orchard Central level one at our Kanga Organics eco-bazaar booth!  (opposite Goldheart).  We're having 10% off for all sizes of natural Pahk style Nature Bag!  Grab yours there, or simply come try it on to do your eco-walk on the boardwalk!

We’re happy to announce that Kanga Organics will be participating in the Actions for Earth Affair 2011 bazaar at Orchard Central happening next week from 16-22 May 2011!  Do visit our booth on 17th May, Tues, Vesak Day and the weekend Fri to Sun! 

The entire range of Skin Blossom Organic Bloom certified organic products will be available on sale at 10% off!  You can also find our limited sampling sizes of Hawaiian Body Products & gift set trios on sale! 

Our stockist Sunflower will also be there with many unique, hand-made one of a kind, items for sale!  You can also take part in various green activities organized by the event organizer.  So, come on down & join us for an eco-conscious week ahead at Orchard Central!  See you there! 

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